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A Place to Call Home - New Complex in Agia Paraskevi

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 29 Οκτ 2021

A New 1.268 m2 Housing Complex
of 8 apartments
in the centre of Agia Paraskevi

Imposing in volume, following the trends of modern design, the Housing Complex in Agia Paraskevi stands out for its urban character and the aesthetic approach of its luxury apartments.

It is a fact that it does not look like any other you have seen so far. Ιt has modern design and energy autonomy with very low energy consumption which make this Housing Complex an excellent value for money investment in Agia Paraskevi. Addressed to modern families and smart buyers who are looking for a combination of a luxury and energy efficiency investment.

Great emphasis has been given on the location of the building, the exploitation of its orientation, the privacy and the permeability of the apartments.

Each of the ground floor apartments has a private garden and a potential swimming pool (upon request), while those on the fifth floor have a private jacuzzi, bbq and their own pergola.

The planted roofs of the building enrich the space and contribute to the enhancement of the microclimate. Νatural coating materials in combination with earthy coloring tones are used to harmonize with the natural environment.

As for the interior, spaces are developed with a continuous functional flow, while the openings to all free sides are such as to ensure light and visual contact with the outside space while still maintaining privacy. The linear openings to the common areas ensure the permeability.

As previously mentioned, it has been a particular challenge for us to create an A+ Energy Certified Building of high standards which makes this Complex a prototype building of low energy consumption with fully autonomous energy apartments. Somehow, the Housing Complex in Agia Paraskevi manages to change the real estate data and to furthermore upgrade the surrounding area.

Choose the size of the apartment that meets your needs and see photos and further details of the apartments available in the Agia Paraskevi Housing Complex.

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